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Hello, I'm Kristi!

Founder and operator of KS Holistic Wellness. 

I'm ready to empower you on your holistic health journey and reclai.

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My Story

As the owner and operator of KS Holistic Wellness, I work with clients to build a relationship that empowers them to take back control of their own personal health journey and make productive health decisions in an effort to ultimately reverse disease.

My passion for health started at a young age when I witnessed others battling depression and dependency issues. Time and again, I saw problems and symptoms medicated with only short-term relief.  I knew deep down there had to be something bigger at play that a pill alone couldn't fix, making me ponder and begin searching for the root causes of these health issues. 

My curiosity in holistic health continued when Trent and I had children. I often questioned whether traditional medicine practices were the best option for our family. I quickly noticed that mainstream methods did not have the effects on my children that I was led to believe they would. I ultimately came to the conclusion that God made the human body strong and wise. Our natural state is health and vitality, and if we’re not experiencing that we need help in order to change our course bringing it back to health and vitality.  ​

Along my wellness journey, I learned about all the toxic chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis.  This led me to search out effective products, supplements, and lab tests in order to create a multi faceted practice that serves my clients well.


It is my conviction that many of the health problems that our culture faces today can be resolved with conscious reduction in toxic exposure, improved nutritional decisions, and learning to cope with the harmful effects of stress. Since being educated on the importance of holistic care, over the last 8 years, I have applied what I learned in my own family with great results.

The Covid-19 pandemic helped me realize that the need for holistic healthcare extended far beyond my own household and there are many people who need help being empowered in their own health journey. So, I sought further training. Today, I am a Certified Functional Health Coach through The Institute for Functional Health Coaching (IFHC), and am working toward my Functional Medicine Practitioner certification through The School of Applied Functional Medicine (SAFM). My ultimate goal is to help others take control of their health in the way that my family and I have.

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Let’s Work Together

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